AT 9000

What is AT 9000?

AT 9000 is a family of quality management system standards and guidelines specifically designed for the automated trading industry. It is a response to recent concerns about automated and high frequency trading and offers an alternative to regulation or major changes in market structure.

AT 9000 is a working title, to suggest that this standard is patterned after the ISO 9000 standards for quality management systems.  AT 9000 adds requirements for software development and risk controls germane for organizations that develop and use automated trading systems.

The goal of AT 9000 is to specify how all participants involved in automated trading should build their systems through process-driven research, development, operation, and control. By adhering to AT 9000, firms can credibly satisfy their organizational responsibilities of safety to financial markets.

For example, AT 9000 requirements include:

  • Safety controls such as real-time monitoring and kill switches are developed and tested.
  • Algorithm behavior has been verified, pre-release, under a variety of market stress conditions.
  • Software and system version management is routinely used.

AT 9000 is being developed within the U.S. national (American National Standards Institute - ANSI) and international (ISO) standardization processes. ANSI has formally chartered the X9 D14 working group to conduct this work. “AT 9000” is a working title for this standard. An official standard designation (number and title) is forthcoming from ANSI and eventually ISO.

The working group developing AT 9000 hosts this site and provides its content.