AT 9000 is proposed as an alternative to regulation or major changes in market structure in response to the hysteria and concerns surrounding automated trading, especially high frequency trading and algorithmic trading.

The goal of AT 9000 is to specify how any organization using, providing, or operating an automated trading system can achieve robust and effective results. By adhering to AT 9000, an organization can satisfy its obligations of safety to external market participants and society.

While the probability of failure and market disruption can never be driven to zero, adoption of quality management systems has been proven very successful in other high-technology industries whose operations pose external societal risks.

Quality management systems require that organizations follow certain best practices and maintain suitable documentation of their adherence to these practices. The requirements of the AT 9000 quality management system are based upon the K|V methodology, ISO 9000/9001, ISO/IEC 90003, guidelines developed by the FIA, and market regulators.

The working group is actively seeking substantial input from actual AT developers, operators, and technical practitioners across the industry including, but not limited to, proprietary trading firms, broker-dealers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and exchanges. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to participate.

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